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Who's Who

If you wish to raise any issues with the Parish Council then you should contact the Clerk to the Parish Council in the first instance - preferably in writing.  County and District Council members should be contacted directly.

The direct email is


Parish Council Members

Title Name / Email (click on name) Address / Telephone


Richard Macnair

29 Wetherby Close

Milborne St Andrew

DT11 0JN

01258 837912

Vice Chairman

Caron Redding

20 Homefield

Milborne St Andrew

DT11 0JT

07833 170824


Jane Macleod

6 Wetherby Close

Milborne St Andrew

DT11 0JN






Jo Witherden 

8 Orchard Rise

Milborne St Andrew

DT11 0LL

01258 837092


Jayne Williams

The Nest

Milton Road

Milborne St Andrew


01258 837260


Amy Stephens

2 Homefield

Milborne St Andrew

DT11 0JT

07828 650104

Parish Council Clerk

Wayne Lewin

13 Stileham Bank

Milborne St Andrew

DT11 0LE

07419 136735

Parish Representatives

Job Name Telephone


Wayne Lewin

07419 136 735

Flood Wardens

Mark Johnson

Steve Bowman

Philip Harris

(01258) 839060

(01258) 837904

Dorset County & North Dorset District District Councillors for the Parish

Position Held Name Telephone

DC Councillor

Emma Parker

01258 881631