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Draft NP Consultation July 2018

Pre-Submission Consultation on the Milborne St Andrew Neighbourhood Plan

Between the 23rd July & 3rd September 2018 the Parish Council and Neighbourhood Plan Group will be formally consulting the community on the Draft Plan

Drop-in consultation events will take place in the Village Hall Committee Room between 10.30am & 12.30pm on the 4th August & 2nd September

Copies of the Draft Plan (including the Policies Map and enlarged Inset Map), the Strategic Environmental Assessment (including a much shorter Non-Technical Summary) and other supporting documents can be downloaded from this website. 

We have also provided a copy of a feedback form (word and pdf versions) to make it easier for you to comment. 

Comments on the Draft Plan and supporting documents can be returned by any of the following methods:

-        via the consultation sessions

-        to the collection point at the village Londis shop

-        to the group secretary at 28 Stileham Bank

-        via e-mail to

Please make sure that you make your comments known no later than 3 September 2018.

Supporting Documents available July 2018:

→ Strategic Environmental Assessment, Dorset Planning Consultant Limited

→ Ecological Assessment of Sites, Bryan Edwards, DERC

→ Heritage Assessment of Sites, Kevin Morris Heritage Planning Ltd

→ PLACE Assessment Report, Feria Urbanism

→ Parking Report, Milborne St Andrew Neighbourhood Plan Group

→ Camelco Concept Plan

Still being drafted / finalised:

→ Basic Conditions Statement

→ Consultation Statement

→ Employment Needs Assessment Report

→ Housing Needs Assessment Report (draft available)

→ Local Green Spaces Report

→ Traffic Management Study, AECOM (draft available under June 2018 consultation)

We have also made available as part of this consultation the Homefield Concept Plan.  Although this site is not proposed for inclusion in the plan, this detail was not available for the November consultation and as such has been provided for information should you wish to comment.

Policies Map (Village inset) Policies Map (Village inset)
Policies Map Policies Map